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Traveling to other locations encourages creativity and builds the base for many stories. Technology can help you build your storyline and take lasting mementos to enhance your plots.

Our MousePad Travel site shares
ideas on destinations as well as the technology that will help enhance your adventure.

Visit and engage with us or our travel consultants to add a different spin to your travel journaling.
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For Writers, Poets, Storytellers

Story Institute was originally founded to help writers share their stories and provide ideas for writing more. As a small press, Story Institute has published works from authors in different parts or the world. We continue to help aspiring authors share their successes in print, online, and in person.

Story Institute brings you story ideas & poetry ideas for the writer in most and the imagination in us all. As you search for that little voice, your inner author, your muse, explore our inspirational quotes and writing tips.

We encourage you to find your passion and share it at here or elsewhere, but write and enjoy.

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For Parents, Grandparents, Families

Growing your stories as a family can make your storylines even more engaging.

Story Institute has a licensing agreement to create and publish Modern Babies and Children Magazine for the Central Florida area.

We'll bring local articles, resources, and business connections online and in print to the Central Florida area, encouraging our readers to grow their family-focused stories.

We are excited to be able to promote area businesses and share helpful information for families through Modern Babies and Children.

Visit some of our featured merchants:

Florida Film Academy

Bo Stock Illustrations

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